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About TendoVis™

TendoVis™ is a treatment used for treating Grade 1 and 2 ankle sprains. It is administered by a trained medical professional via peri-articular injection into the site of injury using the fanning technique.

The fanning technique helps to spread TendoVis™ over a large surface area within the injury site to ensure optimal interaction with the torn ligament.

The main content of TendoVis™ is STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid).
TendoVis™ is a registered product. Both TendoVis™ and the manufacturing process for STABHA™ are patented.

TendoVis™ reduces time to recovery

Clinical studies have demonstrated that TendoVis™ enabled most patients to achieve a faster return to pain-free and disability-free sporting and daily activities: 11 vs 17 days, when compared to placebo.

Clinical results:

TendoVis™ improves the quality of healing

By interacting with the injured ligament, a better quality of healing is possible as TendoVis™ strengthens the ankle’s ligament during the healing process and reduces scar tissue formation.

TendoVis™ helps you manage pain and swelling

Hyaluronic acid has the ancillary effect of reducing pain and limiting inflammation.
TendoVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) helps reduce the pain and limit inflammation in ankle sprain.

TendoVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted
iocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) can aid completion of the healing process with less scar tissue formation thus providing quality healing.

A published study has shown that TendoVis™ can reduce the rate of recurrence.

TendoVis™ and R.I.C.E. Standard of Care

TendoVis™ requires a peri-articular injection that can only be performed by a medical professional that has been trained in the injection technique.
TendoVis™ should be injected into the injury site preferably within 48 hours of the injury. A 2nd injection needs to be administered 48 hours after the 1st injection.

TendoVis™ was designed to be used concurrently with the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice compression and elevation) standard of care. Using TendoVis™ together with R.I.C.E. will allow the patient to regain range of motion more quickly.

How does TendoVis™ work?

TendoVis™ has been approved to relieve pain and optimise recovery of the ankle following first or second degree sprain.
TendoVis™ containing STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted
iocompatible Hyaluronic Acid) has been specifically designed to interact optimally with soft tissue ligament due to its purity profile and biocompatibility.
When TendoVis™ is injected into the site of injury, it
reacts rapidly and efficiently with the torn ligament.

Through early saturation of the injury site with STABHA™, the full potential of its role may be achieved.